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Drink Lists

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Cherry Valley Coffee Stout
Stout – Oatmeal
5.5% ABV
Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse
Morrisville, NY
A flagship beer, brewed as a collaboration with Peaks Coffee Company, notes of Bing cherries and coffee dominate the aroma. A grain bill laden with oats gives a rich body to balance against roasted Peaks coffee. Perfect for a great morning.
BBA Tart Cherry Digester
Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy
9.3% ABV
Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse
Morrisville, NY
A strong ale with a rich, heavy body, loaded with malt character and caramel sweetness and delicately hopped with Brewer’s Gold from The Bineyard in Cazenovia. After 3 months, with tart cherries in a bourbon barrel, the Digester emerged with a slight booziness, and touch of vanilla to compliment the tart cherry.
Haflinger Witbier
4.0% ABV
Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse
Morrisville, NY
Light yellow and hazy, with bold orange peel and spicy coriander jumping out in the nose of this traditional Belgian-Style Witbier. Delicate tartness along with bitter orange peel balance against coriander in the mouth with delicate Belgian yeast character from our house Belgian strain
Bourbon Barrel Aged Hitch
Stout – Russian Imperial
10.5% ABV
Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse
Morrisville, NY
One special barrel aged version of The Hitch, aged for 6 months in Old Home Distillers Field Days Bourbon barrels. This aging complements the body and sweetness of the standard Hitch, adding a delightful vanilla bourbon character.
Rye Barrel Aged Hitch
Stout – Russian Imperial
10.5% ABV
Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse
Morrisville, NY
The second special barrel aged version of The Hitch, aged for 6 months in Old Home Distillers Electric Mayhem rye whiskey barrels. This aging adds to the richness of the standard Hitch and adds a delicious rye spice and dry flavor.
Mo’Vegas Sour Power
Sour – Fruited
5.0% ABV
Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse
Morrisville, NY
A student project of Mary Cosenza, this cranberry kettle sour includes 100% NY malt and hops, and utilized Chobani yogurt to sour the wort prior to fermentation. Delightfully pink, tart and loaded with cranberry flavor, not to be missed!
Malt Barrel Warmblood
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
12.5% ABV
Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse
Morrisville, NY
Time in the Malt Whisky barrels from Old Home Distillers has completely transformed the Warmblood, taking on a rich chocolatey flavor, with subtle hints of figs and plums.
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
11.5% ABV
Copper Turret Restaurant & Brewhouse
Morrisville, NY
A deep ruby glow introduces the robust aromas of figs and plums in this Dark Strong Ale. The rich, full mouthfeel, combined with dark fruitiness and a hint of sweetness mask the alcohol content while finishing dry and slightly spicy.
Jai Alai
IPA – American
7.5% ABV
70.0 IBU
Cigar City Brewing
Tampa, FL
Jai Alai, a game native to the Basque region of Spain, is played on a court called a fronton. Jai Alai players attempt to catch a ball using a curved mitt whilst the ball travels at speeds up to 188mph! Proving they have a sense of humor the Spanish dubbed this game, with its ball traveling at race car speeds, “the merry game.” Tampa was once home to a bustling Jai Alai fronton but sadly all that remains of Jai Alai in the Tampa Bay area is this India Pale Ale that we brew in tribute to the merry game. The India Pale Ale style of beer has its roots in the ales sent from England to thirsty British troops in India during the 18th century. Pair Jai Alai India Pale Ale with beef empanadas, deviled crabs, and other spicy dishes.
Nitro Rübæus
Fruit Beer
5.7% ABV
15.0 IBU
Founders Brewing Co.
Grand Rapids, MI
Rubaeus is infused with nitrogen resulting in a creamy mouth feel that brings out the complex richness of the raspberries.
Pompey Born Lager
Lager – American
5.2% ABV
12.0 IBU
Heritage Hill Brewery
Pompey, NY
Brewed with NY grown 6-row and 2-row barley and flaked corn. Hopped with locally sourced pre-prohibition era wild hops. Fermented with German lager yeast and lagered at cold temperatures with time and patience. A clean and extremely easy drinking lager with a subtle sweet corn finish.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Dragonslayer 2018
Stout – Imperial / Double
11.7% ABV
Middle Ages Brewing
Syracuse, NY
Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale
Fruit Beer
5.0% ABV
18.0 IBU
Saranac Brewery (F.X. Matt Brewing Co.)
Utica, NY
Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale is a traditional blonde ale with a kick of juicy blueberry. You’ll notice a light golden haze from wheat malt and oats and a low hop bitterness, which really shows off the fruit. With a medium-light body and fresh blueberry flavor, we’re sure we’ve captured refreshment in a bottle!
Guess Who Just Got Back Today? Dry-Hopped Kolsch
5.0% ABV
28.0 IBU
SingleCut Beersmiths
Astoria, NY
Weird and Gilly
IPA – New England
6.6% ABV
88.0 IBU
SingleCut Beersmiths
Astoria, NY
Some Cat from Japan asked us to make and IPA that was juicy, and nothing else. So we packed up a pack horse and made it happen. Keep your electric eye on this one.
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Orval (2018)
Pale Ale – Belgian
6.2% ABV
36.0 IBU
Brasserie d’Orval
Villers-devant-Orval, Luxembourg
Abbey Ale
Belgian Dubbel
8.2% ABV
20.0 IBU
Brewery Ommegang
Cooperstown, NY
The brew that opened our doors in 1997, Abbey Ale brought Trappist-style brewing to America. This full-bodied dubbel pours a deep burgundy with a fluffy head and enchanting aromas. Rich, fruity flavors and hints of honey, caramel and toffee linger before giving way to a long, dry finish. Brewed with Belgian specialty malts and a variety of spices, it pairs well with roasted meats, pates and terrines, and soft cheeses. Life, like this beer, is rife with complexity. We choose to celebrate it.
Three Philosophers
Belgian Quadrupel
9.7% ABV
19.0 IBU
Brewery Ommegang
Cooperstown, NY
Rich and complex, this tour de force is a glorious blend of elegant Belgian-style quadruple ale and authentic Belgian kriek, its malty depth and gentle sweetness enhanced by sparkling carbonation and a serendipitous touch of cherry. Pouring a mysterious chestnut brown, Three Philosophers is the perfect beer for leisurely sipping and quiet contemplation. The meaning of life? Even if you don’t quite get there, this beer is sure to sweeten the journey.
Duchesse Cherry
Sour – Flanders Red Ale
6.8% ABV
Brouwerij Verhaeghe
Vichte, Vlaanderen
Duchesse Cherry is a blend of 1 and 2 year-old Duchesse de Bourgogne with local, sour cherries added to the maturing beer. The malt beverage is aged in oak casks, and utilizing whole cherries from the Limburg region of Belgium, as opposed to cherry syrup that is sometimes used in cherry beer production, Duchesse Cherry truly lives up to its name.
Gulden Draak Classic
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
10.5% ABV
30.0 IBU
Brouwerij Van Steenberge
Ertvelde, Vlaanderen
Gulden Draak has been breathing fire at the Van Steenberge brewery since 1986. This characterful, fiery beer was originally commissioned by the Cruyl brewery in Assenede. At the time, it was a festive beer brewed just once a year for the Assenede fanfare. Gulden Draak originated when Jozef Van Steenberge received one of his Italian customers back in 1986. The Italian visitor could feel the fire and insisted on buying the beer. At first, Jozef refused because he felt that the beer was too strong, but then he agreed on the condition that an order of 100 hectolitres was placed. At the time, it was a large amount that guaranteed an entire week of production. A beer with character also deserves a bottle with character, a unique white bottle, they decided together. The name ‘Gulden Draak’ refers to the gilded dragon statue at the top of the Ghent Belfry. Legend has it that the dragon graced the bow of the ship used by Norwegian Sigurd Magnusson on his crusade in 1111. The statue still stands guard on top of the Ghent Belfry today as a symbol for the city’s freedom and power.
Kriek Boon
Lambic – Kriek
4.0% ABV
Brouwerij Boon
Lembeek, Vlaanderen
For this speciality, we use old and young lambic beer that has aged in our oak casks. When the lambic is 6 months old, we add 25% black cherries. This provokes the second fermentation. We then clarify, filter and bottle it. The cherries and young lambic create a red beer that is both natural and fresh, with an absolutely unforgettable sweet and sour taste. This is kriek as it should be, with nothing but real cherries and lambic. There is no place for artificial colourings or flavourings.
Critz Farms Pig City Porter
Porter – English
5.5% ABV
52.0 IBU
Critz Farms Brewing & Cider Co.
Cazenovia, NY
Flavors of chocolate, coffee, and caramel make this roasty porter flavorful and complex, yet still easy drinking.
Tsjeeses Reserva
Winter Ale
10.0% ABV
35.0 IBU
De Struise Brouwers
Oostvleteren, Vlaanderen
Backwoods Bastard
Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy
11.0% ABV
50.0 IBU
Founders Brewing Co.
Grand Rapids, MI
Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts, a bit of earthy spice and a scintilla of dark fruit. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the palate. Distribution Note: Now available year-round beginning April of 2018.
Fruit Beer
8.0% ABV
Founders Brewing Co.
Grand Rapids, MI
We took a crisp, light-bodied cherry ale and hid it away in oak barrels that have held both bourbon and maple syrup. After a lengthy stint, it emerged a changed beer, blanketed in notes of warm vanilla and earthy sweetness. The wood proves itself the star of this beer, adding depth and taming the tart cherry while the maple imposes a velvety texture that lingers for not a moment too long.
Green Zebra
Sour – Gose – Fruited
4.6% ABV
10.0 IBU
Founders Brewing Co.
Grand Rapids, MI
Subtly sour and a little sweet, this ale is a refreshing take on a nearly extinct German style, gose. Watermelon is the highlight of this lightly-hopped treat and gives it a hint of satisfying juiciness. The soft mouthfeel and dry finish comes courtesy of the addition of sea salt, a traditional gose ingredient.
Good Natured Blonde
Blonde Ale
4.5% ABV
16.0 IBU
Good Nature Farm Brewery & Tap Room
Hamilton, NY
Easy drinking, slightly malty, hints of bread & crackers
Non-stop Hop Onslaught
IPA – Session / India Session Ale
4.0% ABV
Good Nature Farm Brewery & Tap Room
Hamilton, NY
So easy drinking, you may never want to stop. Generous fruity character with pronounced citrus flavor & slight haze. Award Winning
Original Ritterguts Gose
Sour – Gose
4.7% ABV
11.0 IBU
Ritterguts Gose
Ritterguts Gose is a top-fermented, sourish and slightly salty-tasting beer that was first brewed in 1824 – it is the special beer of Leipzig! The Gose is an own, very old type of beer that does not correspond to the German purity law. Even today, it is still brewed with an admixture of coriander and salt in the traditional way with a special yeast in open fermentation. Its particular character our Gose gets thereby and by lactate fermentation.
Saranac Adirondack Lager
Lager – Amber
5.5% ABV
22.0 IBU
Saranac Brewery (F.X. Matt Brewing Co.)
Utica, NY
Our classic German lager has a perfect balance of caramel malt sweetness. Look for a rich, amber color & medium body. Crisp. Smooth. Delicious.
Utica Club
Lager – American
5.0% ABV
West End Brewing Company
Utica, NY
First beer sold in the United States after prohibition.
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Hosmer Pinot Noir (New York)
The 2016 Hosmer Pinot Noir displays violets, wild truffle and black cherry on the nose. The front palate offers flavors of sweet red cherry and black raspberry with hints of clove and ripe plum finishing with subtle lavender undertones rounding out the back palate.
Heron Hill Cabernet Franc (New York)
Medium intensity with red berry and plum notes and lingering toasted oak and spice. Awarded Best Cabernet Franc in the 2018 NY Wine Classic!
Villa Verona “50 Shades of Red” (New York)
50 shades of red is a romantic exotic wine that will leave your taste buds begging for more. This blend of reds will certainly deepen your relationship with flavor as you tingle, blush and shiver with satisfaction. No faking necessary.
Quara Estate Malbec (Argentina)
Earthy aromas of coffee grounds and berry fruits are fiery and grassy. This Malbec is chunky and blocky in feel, with grabby tannins. Saucy berry flavors are oaky and a bit green, while it tastes largely of resiny oak on the finish.
Old Soul Old Vine Zinfandel (California)
This Zinfandel is harvested from estate owned vineyards, old vines that naturally lend themselves to producing dense raspberry, blackberry and cherry aromas and flavors that are accented by lush chocolate and vanilla notes. The palate is luscious and round with a silky mouth-feel and a long, enticing finish.
Maggio Merlot (California)
This Merlot has a subtle and rounded palate with flavors of blackberry, vanilla and mocha. The finish is long and concentrated with hints of dried cherry.
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Heron Hill Semi-Sweet Riesling (New York)
This medium-sweet Riesling presents floral aromas and ripe fruit flavors with a soft and lush finish.
Heron Hill Dry Riesling (New York)
Four different lots in the Finger Lakes were selected, then fermented separately and blended together before bottling. Aromas of grapefruit and limestone lead to notes of melon and tropical fruit on the palate. Pale in color, yet refined with ample body. Flavors of citrus and orange blossom linger nicely on the finish.
Hosmer Pinot Gris (New York)
The Pinot Gris has fresh fruit flavors of peach and mango on the nose. The mid palate has tangerine, honey crisp apple, and melon flavors with a finish of fresh Bosc pears and coriander.
Hosmer Sauvignon Blanc (New York)
Hosmer Sauvignon Blanc displays aromatics of gooseberries and lemongrass moving to a palate of apricot, peaches, and nectarines; finishing with a bright sense of acidity.
Lamoreaux Landing Chardonnay (New York)
Aged in the perfect blend of stainless steel and oak barrels, this Chardonnay reveals nectarine and white peaches before rippling into clean citrus and natural minerality with a soft, lightly creamy finish.
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Blueberry Margarita
Milagro tequila, Cointreau, blueberry, fresh lime, and a splash of sour mix with a salt rim, served on the rocks or frozen
Spring Fling
Old Home Distiller’s Gin, rosemary simple syrup, grapefruit juice, and tonic water, served on the rocks
Mermaid Water
A blend of Captain Morgan, coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, and fresh lime, served on the rocks
Madison County Mare
Stone Quarry Vodka, Saranac Ginger Beer, strawberry lemonade, and fresh lime juice, served on the rocks
Bloody Mary
Our twist on the classic Bloody Mary, using Old Home Distiller’s Corn Whiskey
Rum Runner
New York State of Mind Spiced Rum and blackberry brandy, blended with muddled cherries and oranges, grenadine, pineapple and orange juice, and served on the rocks
Berry Bash Cosmo
Devil’s Den Strawberry Moonshine, triple sec, house made lime syrup, lemonade, and a splash of cranberry, served up
Toasted White Russian
Holy Water Vodka, Kahlua, Disaronno, and cream, blended and served on the rocks
Maple Manhattan
Madison County’s own Old Home Distillers Field Days Bourbon, blended with local maple syrup, served up or on the rocks
Barrel-Aged Margarita
Made with Milagro tequila, Patron Citronge, and fresh orange & lime juice, served on the rocks with salt